The Road to Zero

Feeling an increasing sense of urgency about when to start your businesses' journey to net zero? Blue Marble's COO Tim Kemp explains why the moment is now.

What is Carbon Capture Technology?

Removal of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere is key to fighting climate change, whether it is to offset recent and future unavoidable emissions, or to make inroads into mankind’s post-Industrial Revolution legacy. […]

What is Blue Carbon?

Blue carbon refers to the carbon captured by marine and coastal ecosystems such as mangroves, seagrass meadows and salt marshes. These ecosystems essentially work as giant carbon sinks, sequestering vast amounts of […]


Phytoplankton (or algae) doesn’t always get the recognition it deserves but it is in fact responsible for producing 50% of the world’s oxygen. Just like land plants, these microscopic, ocean-dwelling plants use […]
Kelp: The Seaweed Helping Tackle Climate Change
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