Consultant-led and cost-effective Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs); we offer an alternative to self-serve LCA software, particularly for manufacturers with fewer than 25 products:

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ISO 14025 compliant Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)

Performed in accordance with EN 15804 for construction products.

Renewal of EPDs

Renewal of EPDs which are approaching expiry, or where improvements in the supply chain have necessitated a new EPD.

Turnkey EPD service

Preparing the LCA, overseeing verification and managing publication of the EPD(s) by a Programme Operator.

Consultant-led and cost-effective EPDs

An alternative to self-serve LCA software options.

Follow-on Support

Training for sales teams, product EPD comparisons, summary guides and environmental improvements.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a method for analysing (in detail) the environmental impacts of materials, products and processes. We offer a range of LCA services to suit various requirements and budgets:
Streamlined LCA

Cost and time efficient to conduct, Streamlined LCAs can be used to highlight environmental hotspots, and provide convincing evidence of the benefits of a product or process.

Comparative LCA

Either Streamlined or Complex, we can use LCA to compare materials, products or processes.

Complex LCA in accordance with ISO 14040/14044

We can perform LCA in compliance with ISO 14040/14044 and facilitate third-party verification.

Product Carbon Footprint (PCF)

Following the same principles and procedures as LCA, but focussing on the Carbon Footprint of a product or process only.